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A Solution to Dry Skin from Generational Wisdom

Salvean Ointments are an all-natural, perservative-free herbal salve for dry, cracked skin. Trained in both Chinese and Western medicine, Wei Li uses her lineage training and 50+ years of clinical expertise, to formulate effective ointments from traditional herbs used by healers over thousands of years.

Only Natural Herbs with Strict Quality-Control

We only use plant-based herbs, which we thoroughly hand-wash and process without artificial chemicals. We build our brand on the power of nature's ingredients with a deep-seated and time-tested tradition of therapeutic use, and sourced with strong quality control.

Check Out Our Ointments
Wei Li, LAc, Dipl Ac, MD(China)

Meet Our 8th-Generation TCM Specialist

Wei Li, LAC, Dipl Ac, MD(China), trained under her father in acupuncture and Chinese herbology at the age of 12 and began practicing five years later. She also went on to graduate from Anhui Medical University with an MD degree in Western medicine, and practiced as a hospitalist for over a decade. Today, with her family heritage of medical knowledge combined with multiple decades of clinical experience, she has a wealth of expertise in Chinese herbalism and herbal compounding....More about her