Testimonials from Wei Li's Patients for Our Ointments

“My eye had a sty which this creme took away the same day! Then I used it on a dry spot on my upper cheek and softened my skin instantly. I love this product!!”

Wei's Patient, Oregon, Age 48

“I tried everything and nothing worked. The Salvean ointment I have used on my eczema is the most effective treatment I have used for it so far.”

Wei's Patient, Oregon, Age 62

“The Salvean ointment...helped my long time eczema clear a lot better than all other Western medicines I have used before. I really appreciate Dr. Wei Li's help and knowledge.”

Wei's Patient, Oregon, Age 24

“[My bug bite] was red and itchy. I quickly thought of the cream from Dr. Li....I put a thin layer on, and it stopped the itchness in a few minutes and the next day I cannot even see anything there. This cream is also really helpful for the red patch on my daughter's face. She has dry skin and eczema. This is a wonderful and effective product. We feel safe using it as it uses all natural ingredients without chemicals and preservatives. My daughter even uses it for her dry lip. Thank you Dr. Li for this amazing ointment.”

Wei's Patient, Washington, Age 60

“The cream that [Wei] made has really helped [my wife's] irritated ring finger!”

Wei's Patient, Oregon, Age 68