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Tapping her family heritage in TCM and her 40+ years of clinical expertise, Wei Li has also created herbal ointments that are wonderful moisturizers, great for dry or itchy skin such as in eczema and psoriasis, as her patients have attested to. We develop our ointments from all-natural ingredients only, with ZERO preservatives and ZERO added fragrances or coloring. All of our herbs are plant-based, and processed by gentle extraction procedures involving ZERO chemicals, and our new products start with testing on our own skins, so they are 100% cruelty-free. We believe in the therapeutic power that comes from mastery of nature's purest ingredients over countless generations of study and practice in TCM's history.

Meet Our 8th-Generation TCM Specialist

Our TCM specialist and eighth generational healer, Wei Li, LAC, Dipl Ac, MD(China), trained under her father in traditional Chinese medicine starting at a young age, before going on to medical school to study Western and Chinese medicine in tandem. Today, with her family heritage of medical knowledge complemented by 40+ years of clinical experience in TCM, she has a wealth of expertise on the use of herbal medicines....Read More